[ˈdɛmo] [oˈpeː]

Your place for excellent medical education and training at the CT² Center for Teaching and Training of RWTH Aachen University Hospital

Continuing medical education and training at Demo-OP

Training and continuing education are key to creating adaptable competence profiles for changing work and environmental conditions. This is also and especially true for medical disciplines. The quality of continuing medical education offerings depends to a large extent on the professional and didactic experience of the teaching staff and, not least, on an ideal technical and spatial infrastructure.

The Medical Faculty of the University Hospital of RWTH Aachen offers in CT², the Center for Teaching and Training with the Demo-OP (demonstration operation room) an excellent infrastructure for the realization of first-class medical continuing education. Together with the specific know-how and fresh frozen specimens of the Anatomical Institute, events can be held at the highest level for all surgical disciplines.

Multifunctional utilization and cooperation concepts are jointly created, from which innovative solutions for the challenges of high-performance medicine emerge. Experts from the RWTH University Hospital and affiliated networks provide support in the following areas:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Innovation process management
  • Moderation
  • Team building
  • ….

Your ideas – Our organization

RWTH International Academy gGmbH organizes your event according to your specifications!

OR courses / procedures in demo-op


  • Link theory with applied practice in a focused manner
  • Establish direct reference to everyday professional life through real case descriptions
  • Gain surgical confidence and experience
  • Practice “complicated” cases in a plannable way in a safe environment
  • Define and try out procedures in the team
Hands-on Training in the demo-OP

Product development & training for companies in demo-op


  • Reduce time-to-market significantly
  • Develop and test innovative instruments, devices and materials of all risk groups as well as processes under real-life conditions
  • Support and operationalize constructive and valid feedback through an intensive exchange of medical professionals, scientists and producers
  • Provide intensive product training for users
  • Market launch events
  • Brainstorming workshops for product development
lecture room

What our customers say

“Everything from a single source” – that’s how we experienced the event management at CT² with our colleagues from the RWTH International Academy. The organization was perfect in all areas. We have already booked for 2022 and 2023.

Our rooms


  • 200m² area | Huge working space

  • Radiopaque separable | Maximum flexibility
  • X-ray equipment on site| Full service provided, incl. radiation protection concepts
  • Flexible arrangement of up to 11 workstations | Optimal course structure
  • Fresh frozen specimens | Physiologically close situs, optimal haptics, tactile feedback during interventions

Fresh frozen specimens are animal or human specimens obtained shortly after death and then immediately frozen. These specimens are thawed as needed and largely resemble normal tissue in appearance and feel. Also, the mechanical properties are not affected.  The limiting effects of preservative-treated preparations in haptics, color and mechanical properties are not present. For example, the surgical situation is completely unrealistic in the case of fixations with formaldehyde, and planned preparations cannot be performed at all due to a considerably increased rigidity. For a surgical exercise, the fresh frozen specimens therefore offer the great advantage that it corresponds almost completely with the conditions in the operating room on the real patient and thus an ideal learning situation is created.

  • Live broadcast from the OR | Hybrid formats, can be used worldwide, high reach of the event
  • Disposables | Provided according to requirements

Powerful services of the RWTH International Academy

City of Aachen

“Dreiländereck”, beauty & history

Situated in the tri-border region of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen enchants visitors with its monuments, squares and winding alleys. But not only the location in the tri-border region or the beautiful old town make the westernmost city in Germany so special.

In Aachen, more than 2,000 years of history meet 60,000 students. That’s why the city is also best known for Aachen Cathedral, Germany’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the large number of young people.

Relevance of the University Hospital

For more than 35 years, the excellently qualified teams of physicians, nurses and scientists at RWTH Aachen University Hospital have been competently committed to the health of their patients. Today, the 8,000 employees provide care for around 50,000 outpatient and 200,000 inpatient cases annually on 220,000m² of floor space – making RWTH Aachen University Hospital the largest hospital building in Europe. As a maximum care facility, it combines patient-oriented medicine and care, teaching and research at an international level, and covers the entire medical spectrum with its 36 specialist clinics, 28 institutes and 6 interdisciplinary units.

City hall Aachen
RWTH Aachen university hospital